Why should I book a Sitters Photoshoot?

Sitters Photography - Toland Photography - StaffordshireBaby photography doesn’t just have to be our little newborns, once they are able to sit unaided they can produce the most beautiful photos…especially at this age where they are developing their own unique little characters. This is what we refer to as a ‘Sitters Session’ aimed  at babies approximately 6-10 months old or when baby is sitting unaided, basically on their own and before they get mobile on their feet. You may have had a newborn session with either myself or another photographer and Im sure even within the first few weeks your little one changed so much, so theres always a good reason to get a Sitters session, capture them at every stage…..plus provide a great 18th birthday photo cake image. However, in the same breath   for one reason or another you may have missed out on a newborn session so even more reason to book in with us for a Sitters session.


1. Well baby is now sitting up

They are able to interact with their favourite teddies, props, the photographer and make the cutest little expressions. Before this age, and after the newborn stage (2 weeks) basically when they are lying down it is much harder to produce a varied range of shots. Plus you can dress them in the cutest little outfits, of which I have an every growing range, Before your session we would have a discussion about what I have and what you would like to see them in. Sophie, pictured below is in just a little pink tutu which was just perfect for her.

2. Not yet mobile/walking

If your little one is like mine, who is now crawling around at the speed of Usain Bolt it can be very difficult to photography them. The bribery, the distractions, playing chase……can all be avoided if you catch them at the right age (sitting but not yet mobile) then simple tactics such as nursery songs, peek a boo etc is all it takes to get great interactive shots.

3. Only a fraction of the time…..compared to a Newborn Session!
If you’ve experienced a Newborn sessions you will know that typically it can take anything from 2-4 hours for a variety of reasons. A sitter session, I like to aim for under an hour. To be honest a little one will give you the best images within the first 20-30 minutes….depending on how long it takes for them to adjust to their surroundings and of course me….its important that i build a relationship with them first….this usually involves me not using my camera for the first 5-10 minutes and just getting to know them. So a session would be all done and dusted, including outfit changes within 45 minutes to an hour!

4. Heard of stranger aware?

Well this only really develops for our little ones between 10  to 12 months so if your booking in your session around the 6-10 month mark they are definitely more tolerant to strangers (Me), therefore making lit that much easier to connect and get the smiles you want in your photographs.

5. To put it simply THEY ARE WAY TOO CUTE AT THIS AGE! 
Most still have their little rolls, chubby cheeks and big eyes! You know when you just can’t say no! Its usually at this stage. But this doesn’t last very long, they get mobile and start to lose all that chubbiness so you want to capture it before they turn into proper little walking talking little people. So a sitters session is your perfect time.

So have I managed to convince you yet?  Well, as you may well know already I am predominately a mobile Newborn & Baby photographer. However, I also use a studio during the week (located just outside of Hanley, Staffordshire). I am able to travel through out Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire for no additional cost, bringing the studio to you, which usually consists of Studio light, background, props and little outfits so you have nothing to worry about.

So if you think that you would love some timeless gorgeous Newborn and/or Baby photography I would absolutely love to hear from you! So why not contact me now!

Newborn & Baby Photography - Toland Photography - Staffordshire
7 months old and absolutely beautiful! Sitters session with Sophie…Tutu, Bunny and pink…what more could a mummy want!

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