Ah this was definitely a wedding that made my eyes water! These two are childhood sweethearts and clearly so in love and have two beautiful little daughters! It was very much a family wedding with Beth having 7 siblings, like myself….and so i knew before it all began it was going to be a lot of fun!

There we so many beautiful little details from the dried rose petals, the girls headpieces, to the sweet table, wood carvings and finally to the cake. We had lots of capture to document the day, as all these little things are the very things the bride and groom, ok maybe just the bride has been planning, making and buying for months and it all tells part of your story which will still be told long after you and I are here.

I had never photographed a wedding at the Mill, Worston. therefore we had to do a little scouting and someone was smiling down on us as just a 2 minute drive up the road was a beautiful cornfield and it was DRY! So after the ceromany was done and the reception drinks drunk we nipped off before the food to capture the most stunning pictures. This also gave our bride and groom sometime away from the madness, to be together. Ok yes we were there but with our long lens so the can feel like they are on their own.

Our style as you will see from the images is that we help to pose you, where to place hands and feet and then leave you to chat about anything you want and then capture those loving moments, if you need a prompt we can help with questions like ‘Tell her what you thought when you saw her for the first time coming down the isle’ My second will usually through in a naughty question and that always gets the giggles!

The naughty question response from our Bride and groom
Cornfield Wedding portraits Toland Photography – Wedding Portfolio

Every wedding we look at producing a whole gallery of beautiful images that document you day from start to finish. We will always go above and beyond to capture something different for you, that will give you the wow factor! The silhouette image is just one of the images we took that had never been seen before by the staff at the Mill and that’s our aim, to be amazing and different, to make you sy wow and even cry when you see that final gallery.

Natural and gently posed wedding photography with a clean and bright finish